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Ponpawit Numnuan was born in a small village in northern Thailand. While growing up there, many of the older children would leave to go to the big city to pursue work and education. This meant that Pawit was left behind attending to the many needs of the poor and elderly. He grew to love this group of people the same as if they were members of his own family. At the age of 13, he moved to Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, to attend high school and university.

Pawit began working at The Royal River Hotel after graduating from high school. He worked in the coffee shop as a server. He later moved to the Amari Hotel where he worked as a cashier. After this, he worked in the tourism industry helping to transfer tourists around Thailand. He ended up working for a Five Star hotel in Bangkok, called Shangri-La. He was in charge of their exclusive Horizon Club.

One of the guests was so taken with Pawit that he decided to sponsor him and give him the opportunity to go to the USA. Pawit was grateful for this opportunity and left for a new life in America. He arrived in June of 2000 and began attending the Salt Lake Community College in order to increase his English skills. In 2002, he met a wonderful girl from Cambodia, named Sokha. They later married in August of that year.
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